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Concert Review: Japanese Breakfast Is Served At Music Hall of Williamsburg

I begin my review happy for Japanese Breakfast. Just a few months back I witnessed them as openers at MHOW introducing tracks from then upcoming album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet .What a difference time makes, and a title gives to a person. Now, an opener, lead singer Michelle Zauner got the opportunity to celebrate what she had hinted in her previous show; “She is a weirdo!”.
Japanese Breakfast – Road Head (Official Video)

Okay, I know say “Yay, I am a weirdo!” is not a popular statement, but Japanese Breakfast thrives in music and performance on said statement. Like Zauner, the audience was filled with people that know what it is like to not be asked to dance at prom, and that is FAR from an insult. In this world being unique and being weird are interchangeable, and stem from the idea that you, as a person, do not feel, look, or act normal, to which songs, “Road Head”, “12 Steps”, and “Till Death” feel like catalogue of every moment when you felt like you were watching the crowd and dreaming of being either apart of it or praised by it. Hence, Zauner’s softly bladed vocals, like a gentle razor, seem perfect to catapult the jabs and jolts of her musical theme. When you are an outcast you never lose your desire to be apart of a group, but you get used to the idea that such an opportunity will be rare, which is why you admire Zauner; she is a pure kickass. From “Diving Woman” to “Machinist”, she rolled through tracks promoting her own self, discovery; if you cannot join them then you lead them.
Japanese Breakfast – Everybody Wants To Love You (Official Video)

Every leader is born an outcast; someone who did not fit in one bubble so he or she chose to make another one. Japanese Breakfast is Zauner’s sonic bubble, and she commanded everyone to enter. Compared to her last, opening show, Zauner took the stage like a headliner would: with dominance. You could not avoid her excitement to share backstories behind songs and walk round the stage as she sung them conviction compared to the insecurities that inspired them. As a person, beyond music reviewer and lover, I felt happy for Michelle Zauner. At MHOW, she represented every young woman and boy that, again, did not get asked to dance at prom, but would one day, like her, have their music played at every youthful dance and club. HOW MUCH COOLER IS THAT! For More Information On Japanese Breakfast Click Here.Japanese Breakfast – Machinist (Official Video)