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Diandra Reviews It All – Joyner Lucas’ Fans Are Family At SOB’s

I reviewed Joyner Lucas’ 508-507-2209; a powerful debut that already signaled this is an artist unafraid to be raw in talent and tears. At SOB’s, Joyner Lucas spewed the verse “In my city, the devil prays to God” like he, himself, was a demon looking for an angel. On that note/ lyric, the night was set, Lucas was lit, and the crowd was ready to show the rising rapper the many times his music gave them a reason to rise, as well.
Joyner Lucas – I’m Sorry (508)-507-2209

As Lucas, invited fans to tell their own tales of survival and even suicidal tendencies, I was shocked and moved. I was touched by Lucas’ eagerness to prove that no one is alone in their struggle, and he does not judge the shadow you become of yourself when you are surrounded by darkness. From hurting others to self-medication, no topic was left untouched in tracks “Keep it 100”, “I’m Sorry”, “Ultrasound”, and “Mask-off”. With images of the Joker or himself crutching his head as if to hold it still from mental chaos, it was clear Lucas what it was like to give in to wickedness. From “Mansion” to “I Need More”, Lucas discussed how poverty and violence mold you to see yourself as “no one”, and thus act life nothing. Yet, that same life can offer you an opportunity of incredible compassionate. After all, once you know the lowliness of this earth, no matter how much you rise, it stays with you. On one end, the way Lucas spits his rhymes and thrusts his body as if could ricochet like his rhythms assured the crowd Joyner Lucas IS NOT one to cross, but he is one to trust and confide in. Hence. my shock came from the mutual eagerness of his fans to tell their tragedies and show their talents to Lucas is if they were making an offering to a god.
Joyner Lucas – Keep It 100 (508) 507-2209

If there are two things people are hesitant to randomly show in front of a crowd, it is their talents and their traumas. Nobody likes to fail, especially in public, and the idea of our tears or “perceived talents” being scraped by a crowd is rightfully terrifying. Yet, Lucas is brave, and opens his heart with a fearlessness that, again, proves he is untouchable in verse and prowess.Yet, as Lucas acknowledged, his fans are family. As people spoke of their dreams and tragedies, Lucas smiled on with warmth and welcome. He was doing “God’s Work”, of which he may not go to Church, but he is spreading a holier connection. Frankly, his nobility moved me to admire his talent. Yes, he can rap, and does it faster and more ferociously than a cheetah in the wild. Yet, his sincere altruism is where the gold lies in his future and concert. For the first time, in a long time, many people who went to his show felt less alone, and less insane at thinking they were the only ones wanted to leave this crazy earth. Joyner Lucas has wanted to leave, but thank God he stayed. For More Information On Joyner Lucas Click Here.
Joyner Lucas – Ultrasound (508)-507-2209