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Concert Review: Noah Kahan Redefines After-Work Discussion At The Standard

Noah Kahan’s concert was PACKED at The Standard Penthouse! Exiting the elevator to the clean, sky-high room of the Annie O Music series was like voluntarily exiting into a can of sardines. Yet, we all managed because when good music is free so is your openness. The music series is quickly rising as a Millennial “hangout” for those eager to see “the next” music stars of our generation. That night, Noah Kahan, was chosen as a rising artist for what I like to call “mood music”; the songs you play when you want to give yourself permission to enter your feelings and let them settle into your being.

With a guitar in hand, hair draped over his eyes, and a higher register than a hummingbird, Kahan hushed the crowd immediately. It was a powerful move considering that it is rare to see a person completely silence a chatty, overflowing room of drinks and humans, especially when their music is aimed to ponder on the sadness and joy/ inner faults and strengths of your life. While, usually, after-work drinks and music are aimed for “boss recaps” and aimless but entertaining conversations; rare are they so poignantly pushed towards real and raw thoughts. Thus, Kahan’s presence as a man that felt like he could be apart of the crowd as much as its current epicenter was fascinating. He is not a “flashy” guy or even one to wrought with more emotions than lyrically present. Playing his tracks like, “Fine”, “Sink”, and “Young Blood”, Kahan’s songs were like white flags telling youth to surrender to life’s swerving flows, including the one’s of your heart. You will have goos and bad day, and, for some people, you will be a hero or a villain. For all that we want for who we can be, Kahan’s voice promotes patience, perseverance, and pleasure.

Vocally, I have mentioned Kahan can hit a higher note but he can also float on a river of sweet, pensive keys.There is something celestial to how Kahan makes each note sound genuine in manifestation. He is not trying to impress beyond capacity as much as rest into his capacities. The difference makes for a presence that is warmly confident, and appears like a human statue; still but feeling. Sure, he is a friendly guy, but his reserved demeanor presents him as an introvert that only shines his light to listening ears and twinkling chords. Thus, I recommend Kahan’s concert for anyone eager to have peaceful, thoughtful night in sound. For More Information On Noah Kahan Click Here.