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Concert Review: She-Devils Show Sadness And Angers Are Sisters At Union Pool

Performing is important to me. I like to think, even in writing, that I give a performance, which is why certain “acting” decisions standout to me even when a person is singing. She-Devils understand that a good show is tied to being an emotional one. When a duo stands on a Victorian- like stage, with lights ablaze, and a lot of space, they have to figure out how to fill it beyond just performing music; it is about emoting it. as well. Similar to Molly Burch, lead singer Audrey Ann Boucher, sings her songs as if she were facing “someone” to give and receive answers.

Boucher closes her eyes and evokes lyrics as if they were punching through spiritual graves to walk again amongst living. “Hey Boy, “You Don’t Know Me”, and “The World Laughs” were just a few tracks that, on record, that have an electro, mod -pun sound, but, live, transitioned emotional tension into a plea for tenderness. It was as if their recording captured the rage of disillusion, but their concert emoted the sadness of it. I have always seen anger and sadness like twin sisters born from their Mother Pain, which is why I was enthralled by She-Devils performance as a presentation of that. These two emotions are from the same coin, hurt, and neither is better than the other in reaction or it effects over others. When you are sad or upset, the ones you love feel it, and the ones that do not love you, ignore it. This dichotomy of responses to your negative reactions towards life is, ultimately, what defines She-Devils lyrics and Boucher’s performance. It is as if the audience is tussling between being that “someone” that was cold to her or being that “someone” that was trying to help her see how cold she was to herself. This subtle theatricality helped turn another “concert” in BK into a standout with Kyle Jukka mixing and playing rhythms like a chemist searching for a cure.

Sometimes, the best shows are the ones that are simple; the ones that remind us the most complex thing about being human is that it is, actually, simple. You either feel happy or sad, bored or entertained, fearful or fearless, and loved or unloved. For however many degrees we try add to humanity’s spectrum, there is an overarching sentiment that the scale has two poles: good or bad. She-Devils is a band that displays the angels and demons of living. For More Information On She-Devils Click Here.