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Concert Review: Soren Bryce Is A Millennial Morissette At Baby’s All Right

Soren Bryce is a smart woman, and intelligence is what she radiated at her Baby’s All Right concert. There are some artists that approach the stage like a platoon at Normandy; ready to fight! There are others artists that approach the stage like a bedroom; oblivious to fact that you are watching them. Then, there is Bryce who sees the stage as a chance to blossom; each song a step further in revealing a new layer to herself.

Bryce has A LOT of buzz around her, and with good reason. She feels like a cross between Alanis Morrissette and Sheryl Crow. Like Crow, there is a cool, briskness to her aura that feels especially highlighted when she is playing her keyboard. I love when artists’ bond with their instruments, and Bryce treats her surrounding of keyboards like a cocoon; it protects her as she breaks through the audience. As the concert progresses, she smiles and jokes more, which helps to amp up how possessive music is over her. She captures Morissette’s darkened, edgier lyricism as in “Sleep Alone”, “Forever’s Not Enough”, and  upcoming songs  from her new album; bringing forth that fearlessness at feeling fear. While her jet- black hair swings across her face, she moves across her keys and her own verses as if she was removing/ shaking out frames from her home; each has a picture of a happier time that has been passed for so long it has become sad to remember. She’ll drop her head and the let the music take over, only to lift it up and radiate a voice so begrimed, you feel like you are eating the sweetest, blackest cherries. Her ability to swim in the grayness of emotions and situations is not only why I feel she is a Millennial Alanis Morissette, but also why I am mildly obsessed with her covers of “Hotline Bling” and most recently Radiohead’s “True Love Waits”. (You know you did a good concert, if people start spotifying/ soundclouding you after lol!) She amps up the moodiness of being young and trying to decipher what is fleeting or permanent about your choices.
Soren Bryce – Ride With You (Official Music Video)

We all can be moody. Love is chained paranoia. Happiness is bunk-mates with nostalgia. Faith can carpool with delusion. What I am trying to say that best of life has hurdles to leap over to make sure they remain good and get better, which is why feeling okay as a human being is constant wok. Bryce has a smoked voice that pushes this truth by vocally quaking sentiments for what they are; the soul’s work to be better. For More Information On Soren Bryce Click Here.