Concert Review: St. Lucia Is Basically Your “Party Friend” At Terminal 5

St. Lucia has earned his name. The South African vocalist Jean-Philip Grobler, whose name even sounds like a “would be President” of the Caribbean Island, encompasses everything fun about the sun-soaked country. He makes you want to grab a Piña Colada with extra rum, put on the most obnoxiously neon bathing suit you can find, and dance under a cabana as if the beach was your private home and not a public place. 

St. Lucia – Dancing On Glass//

It is hard for me to describe the amount of joy and playfulness St. Lucia ignites while on stage. Yes, his stage was brightly colored with strobe lighting that intertwined with every rhythm he provided, and made you feel like a little kid watching a “light show”. Yet, it was not the stage that made him grand, it was his energy. Everyone needs to have fun in life. Plain and Simple. It is easy to forget that you are alive when you have so many worries, but St. Lucia’s concert is the perfect cure for any slump of anxiety. Thus, St. Lucia is basically the embodiment of your “party friend”. 
St. Lucia – Help Me Run Away//

We all have that one person in our life that feels personally betrayed if we say we want to “stay in” for the night. He or she is both our best friend and our occasional enemy as they are the much needed reminder that we are “alive” and thus should live. St.Lucia is that friend. He is every call and playful pull someone you love has given you to make sure you go out and make your Tuesday night a memorable one. Yes, because “that party friend” has no problems going late to work if it means he or she had a worthy blast the night before. Even writing this statement makes me smile with love because you have such a genuinely good time at his concert that you will feel like he is your best f party riend. 

I adore St. Lucia in concert. He was made for entertainment. He will give every single beat of his heart to make sure no one in the crowd is left unhappy. Therefore, to see a man concentrate his energy to give audiences a memory they will never forget is beautiful and admirable. There are several entertainers in the music industry, but few are as invested as St. Lucia to assure you walk out feeling like you have “partied” for a decade. While he may not dance and riff like Beyonce, i.e. no one can, he has the same amount of glamorized heart. He came to Terminal 5 to give viewers a show, and you should be there on September 21 to receive his second offering.. 
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