Film Review: The Magnificent Seven Is Good, But Is It Magnificent?

The Magnificent Seven comes out this week, and it was ……………good. Yet, is that great? I am always bringing it up , but when I consider 16 dollar movie tickets or the need for some livelihood people desire when they walk out of a work day, I think not. The Magnificent Seven is a remake of the classic by the same name. Yet, despite its strong, diverse casting,  I could not shed the overarching thoughts of both “Why did they remake this?” and “I would enjoy this more on cable”.

Now, I hope my previous statements are not insulting as I know the motto of my site is POSITIVITY. If I cannot find the positive in someone’s work then I will not review it. Thus, Magnificent Seven is a solid film that is driven mainly by a great cast of performers like Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, and Chris Pratt. Each actor brings their “A-list” talent and distinct charisma to make sure the film never wanes too much in pacing or the overall feeling of “oldness”, i.e. it literally is a remake of a 1960 western. Yet, despite the magnitude of star power the film holds, the nagging feeling of unoriginality will make viewers say, “I should have waited till it came out on cable”. Still, calling the “Magnificent Seven”a cable movie is not a bad thing, as a lot of movies make a good, consistent paycheck from being on repeat in channels like FX or TNT. Hello! Avengers Part One!

 Magnificent Seven feels like the film you leave on or watch randomly when its on television. It is good and entertaining, but for all its action feels like it could be watched at your house. Ugh, I hate saying that because I do not want to diminish the good work director Antoine Fuque has done, especially because you can see the film was made with a lot of heart and a grand desire to be memorable. The problem is, again, that this picture was already made memorable more then 5 decades ago. Had Fuqua been the first to make the film, I would say WOW, but considering he is, technically, the third person to make the Magnificent Seven, as the first was a remake of a Japanese film, he, inevitably, gets stuck with a bronze. Yes, he is cool because he made it to the Olympics, but he still did not win gold.

The Magnificent Seven Comes Out September 23, 2016.