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Concert Review: STACEY Becomes The Rose of Rockwood Music Hall

Stacey was made for the high-caliber lounges; where dames and gents go to remember sophistication. She carries her body and voice like an old movie star; playing with subtlety to gain drama. The littlest flick and sway felt like a tornado of of blown emotions as Stacey reminded Rockwood of the older days; when elegance was communal more than a commodity.

Sometimes, you forget that elegance is not bought, despite being owned. It is something within you that says even a rag can be held with dignity if within yourself you are rich. I could not help but be reminded of this note as Stacey sang her songs like, “First Move”, “Trouble Is” or“It’ll Be Alright”.Each track as filled with breathy coos as if love had left young Stacey gasped. Her style gave me visions of Katherine Hepburn or Bette Davis playing strong women falling in love. Using their hands, eyes, and hips to show how Love had grabbed, swooned, and kissed them without any ask for permission. In some ways, Stacey reminded viewers that it is true love’s lack of consent that makes it so romantic. I do not know a single love story where both partners planned to fall for each other or fall at all. Every tale I have heard starts with “I was not looking” or “ I had looked for so long and had given up”, and end with “but then love, finally, came!”. Stacey plays with the surprise and excitement of love’s unpredictability for better or worse. Even if you never planned for love, it sure makes you work for it, which is displayed in how Stacey moves and wisps her presence and notes as if Love, itself, was there shaping her into its model songstress.

I cannot reiterate enough the beauty of Stacey’s “old world” glam, and the intelligence of her physicality. She teeters the line between dainty and delicacy, which nowadays are so tragically confused. You can be light and resilient, tender and bold, or soft but unbreakable. Hence, Stacey turns the romantic middle-ground from which she walks into Love’s red carpet. I would recommend Stacey as a concert for all those eager to be reminded of the quiet regality of romance. You do not need to be a literal queen to feel like one thanks to love, and Stacey is proof of that. For More Information on Stacey Click Here.