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Concert Review: Talib Kweli Premieres Radio Silence To Brooklyn Bowl


It is no secret that Talib Kweli is politically and socially conscience. There are people in life, particularly artists, that connect their creativity with society, and cannot fathom personal growth without it. In essence, if there person’s observations of the world are not elevated, then I cannot say my spirit and work has been heightened to a valuable pedigree. For me, this is a sign of Wisdom, and a heart that understands if I do not see others then I do not see myself. Still, at Talib’s Brooklyn Bowl album release party for, Radio Silence, was also a signal for fun.
Talib Kweli “Traveling Light” feat. Anderson .Paak (Official Music Video)

Talib Kweli’s Radio Silence has made intelligence fun again. In a world where facts can be dismissed, idiocy something to understand, and hate against your very existence a theme for “educational discussion”, Tailb Kweli lit the Brooklyn Bowl stage to say, “Yeah no!”. Kweli did not even need to mention America’s presidency and rising hate groups to feel his music was a resistance to their rise, or, at least, he did not have to for me. His presence and entire, new album Radio Silence, which I reviewed, felt like a full confrontation against those that want to argue, “Maybe, if you just speak to evil, it will love God?”. Instead, as the live band played, Radio Silence became a sonic realization that no person is another’s epiphany. You find love/ light because you choose to take the journey towards it, which everyone did as they dance and drank like they did not have work the next day. I might as well have seen Heaven at the end of a tunnel when he played my fave, new tracks, “Traveling Light” and “All of Us”. The crowd jittered as the songs mashed old school Hip Hop with a sense of futurism and hope, as seen in “She’s Me Hero”, which was created for Bresha Meadows. You felt like you were learning as you were two-stepping (my signature move, which is why I hid in the back!). Yet, having a live band, not only brought out that this album is Kweli’s wealthiest in terms of creativity/ arrangements, but it is also his most joyous as an artist/ person.
Talib Kweli “Heads Up Eyes Open” feat. Rick Ross & Yummy Bingham (Official Music Video)

With a live band, Radio Silence played PERFECTLY! It transitioned from the booming base of your headphones into the lively room without ANY hiccups. At times, going from record to live, a few things change for better or worse, but this live show was a complete elevation, both sonically and spiritually for Talib. It was clear the rapper was happy, which I know is a strange to comment on, but it affects your dynamic with the crowd/ atmosphere. There was a feeling like Kweli was introducing the newest, most self-confident version of himself. It is no secret the man is celebrated, as seen by my literal transformation into a birthday cake when he did his hit, “Get By” #blownaway. Yet, there was a sense as if he liked Radio Silence or rather was honored that this record came from his mind and heart. The pride in his presentation and backstories of inspiration showed he was a man who found himself and wanted to tell his family, i.e. his fans. For More Information On Talib Kweli Click Here
Talib Kweli “She’s My Hero” Prod. Oh No (Official Audio)