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Diandra Reviews : Top 10 Artists’ Interviews For Wisdom During 2017

Acquiring wisdom is one of the hardest things to ever gain. It calls for a level of peace within yourself that allows you to be open to life and others. (Good Luck With That!). The problem is once you get wisdom, you grow addicted to it. A good problem to have because wisdom truly helps you live your life a little bit better. These next 10 artists and their interviews prove that music only heals its listeners because it is the act of healing for its creators. You can only do what you know, and making music, for these stars, is like making wisdom. 

  1. Dagny – Click Here For Original  Interview

Positivity is the key to greatness because both ask its carriers to be unlimited in clear thought and goodness. While hate/ negativity may have caps and limitations, love does not, and Dagny’s Interview is based on three valuable lessons on positivity and music:

1)How humility keeps you balanced in the music industry
2)Happy, upbeat music is as cathartic as sad songs
3)Using songs as reminders on what aspects of yourself you want to grow 

2. The New Up – Click Here For Original Interview


One of the most compassionate artists to rise, this duo is a rare gem because they WANT their music to help and heal people. For them, creation is not and insular or individual process; it is universal and shared. Wise QUOTE: 

“What the music asks the listener to do is look at the world around them as it really exists and not how they want it to be or how other people have told them to look at it, explore as many other perspectives as they possibly can, truly think and feel for themselves based on what they find, and then act on what they learn from that process. No matter where that path leads them, if they are truly thinking and feeling for themselves and acting on those feelings then this world is destined to be a much better place”.


3) Sir The Baptist – Click Here For Original  Interview


Calling himself The Hip Hop Chaplain, Sir has no problem preaching what he has learned and desires to witness in the world. Wise Quote:

“For Jesus, who was a rebel, he said “Give Caesar what Caesar is due, and give God what God is due”. I am trying to see when, as Christians, are we going to refocus and grab the people rather than currency. Yet, on the secular side, I am ashamed at the re-using and prostituting of the Gospel sound, in music, without carrying it in our lives, as well. It is so easy for people to use God in lyrics, but not necessarily carry the burden of perfecting yourself or the people for Him. From working with marketing for Leo Burnett, I learned that music, God, and spirituality are intangible and inescapable. If you ever want to mess in the “programming” of people, then you aim for the intangible. So if you want to put healing into the people then you put that into your frequencies rather than agendas. When God is used, on the secular side, without a healing purpose or mission then I think it is abuse”.

4. Picture This – Click Here For Original  Interview 

For these Irish lads, wisdom is earned through humility and hard work. It is hard to pick a fave quote from this duo, which why you should sit, listen, and be open to what a pair of musicians from the heart have today about how to keep it. 

5. Heather Brave – Click Here For Original  Interview


How you love yourself influences how you approach life. Of course, this is not a new perspective, but for Heather Brave it is the core one to her music. Wise Quote: 

My song “Spinning,” is about being in a weird state of flux and that moment of recognizing being a true friend to yourself will get you through. I moved to New York last year after experiencing LA for a little bit, and I was surrounded by so much change which was great, and I found that in this big move, I really appreciated who I am at the core and my serious commitment to rise above and be the strong person I am who just goes for it.

6. Soren Bryce – Click Here For Original  Interview

Intelligent and determined, Soren Bryce was one of my fave interviews. She brims with a bright answer and an eagerness to discover from the world as much as she desires to discover from herself. Wise Quote: 

“To me, I’m just another human trying to work out my shit, if someone can relate to that and find comfort in that then I am happy knowing they don’t feel alone in it anymore. However, music has always been about getting things off my chest, out of my brain, so I don’t have to have it all sitting here in my body. These emotions can take a negative toll on you, and I start to feel it if it’s been awhile since I created something.” 

7. Hegazy  – Click Here For Original  Interview

Now more than ever, we need good people to get brave. It is no longer enough to be kind to your family; we NEED to give kindness towards strangers and unfamiliar communities to our social “bubble”. Why? Because we are sharing this world, and these sisters are eager to share it well, with others, through music. Wise Quote:

“This past year has made it pretty much impossible for us to write music that doesn’t contain some kind of social/political commentary. Even our most feel-good songs or love songs provide a little glimpse into the times that we’re living in. This music we’ve created as a duo is how we’ve made sense of all the crazy things that have happened, and are still happening. Let’s just say that instead of sharing our opinions on Facebook we’ve decided to make art, because art has the power to affect change and sway public opinion. In addition to good old-fashioned protesting, it’s the best way to express yourself”.

8.  Benjamin Jaffe – Click Here For Original  Interview

Benjamin Jaffe is one of the kindest, coolest, and friendliest interviews I have ever done. He approaches life and music with such a vibrant personality that you might be shocked at how he struggles with positivity. Yet, just because you struggle to achieve something does not mean you do not accomplish it. Wise Quote: 

 “Well, I guess what I am trying to say is that {music} is kind of like building a house. If you build it thoughtfully, it can stand up and stay with you. Its such a frustrating career, in general, and its all about content and it is hard to not think about your work as an evaporative thing. It is cool to see all that you do in some way is returned when you really think about the effort you placed into it. It’s nice to see there is actually is a give and take in this business, and that people and fans really stick with you”.

9. NEFE – Click Here For Original  Interview

NEFE’s struggles to feel and see her own beauty is what, oddly, make her music feel so gorgeous. Why? Because I do not know one human being that has not had that “mirror moment” and thought themselves detestable. It is from the mirror of the soul that NEFE gets her wisdom. Wise Quote: 

“I was always a really different kid, never could fit into a box. But I would say the moment I realized not only the beauty in myself, but also the real definition of beauty, was the day I stepped on stage. The media creates this idea that beauty is physical, but when I played on stage for the first time, as I shared my gift, I was overwhelmed with the idea that our beauty is not separate and that we are all one. To me, that’s beautiful”.

If Molly Burch’s music was literary genre, it would be under romance. She plays to the beauty of falling in and out of love. Yes, breakups are ugly, but the fact that you have broken up means that, at one point, you were together with LOVE! It is always a blessing to know this virtue. Wise Quote:
” I think love is very common theme to write about. It’s so universal. I based my album surrounding this theme because I was going through many different relationships at the time of writing it and it was a way to help me cope. It fascinates me because I love the idea of singing directly to a specific person and it is so personal”.

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