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Meet A New Star: Spencer Ludwig Is Your Future Favorite Singer

 I cannot put into words my excitement when reviewing this rising artist. After seeing him perform tonight at Ludlow House, I walked out feeling like I had seen the beginning of a future star. Just imagine the cool people that can say they saw The Beatles when they were The Quarrymen in Liverpool, or that lady that still brags she saw one of Prince’s first shows in 1979.  Every megastar you know today, from Drake to Beyoncé, had a beginning, and tonight I felt like I had seen the the beginning of Spencer Ludwig before he becomes SPENCER LUDWIG!

Spencer Ludwig – “Diggy” DIY Guerrilla Video


This trumpeter/ funkadelia singer is the epitome of charisma. He is so likable it is dangerous. He is the man at every party that waltzes in as if he owns it because, frankly, he does. His songs are like emblems of fire that ignite in every listener a feeling of opportunity. While many musicians may aim to make you feel good, Ludwig aims to make you feel inspired. He wants ou to believe that you can conquer all in the same way he conquers the stage. Hence, you want to applaud his vivaciousness because you have witness “the stage”, as an essence, find its essential performer, Ludwig, as if it were a marriage made in Heaven. I kid you not when I proclaim Spencer Ludwig was made to entertain, and I am incredibly happy that I got to see him before he sells out Madison Square Garden…. because he will. You may ask me to put my life on that previous statement, but I’ll put something better… my heart.

Spencer Ludwig – Fuel To The Fire [Official Audio]

Fuel To Fire

There is a moment, like The Beatles before they were THE BEATLES or Prince before PRINCE, when you know you are seeing someone special that will go far. When I see a star like Ludwig, I get excited to watch them rise and find their rightful place in the sky. The young artist has so much light, not just talent, but LIGHT to offer this world. As he sings and dances, like Michael Jackson’s in his Thriller years, you will probably say “Wow!” twenty millions times. He wants you to feel his every move, note, and sentiments as he pulses the stage with a heart that made Ludlow House too small to contain him. Honestly, I do not think any concert hall can hold him, as he performs like a cosmic supernova. Moreover, he relishes in the joy of his crowd.
Spencer Ludwig – Right Into You [Official Audio]

Right Into You

If the cheers and smiles of an audience could feed a human being, then Ludwig’s concert would have solved world hunger. Everyone danced and laughed with no care nor realization of their happiness. People were enjoying themselves so much with Ludwig’s presence that they did not need to question their happiness, just let it be. Ludwig’s music and bright future is reason enough to be happy. For more information on this Spencer Ludwig Click Here.Spencer Ludwig – Good Time People (Official Audio)

Good Time People