Song Review: Aanysa X Snakehips Show That Love Make You Want To “Burn, Break, Crash”

If 90’s R&B met today’s synth pop, it’s love child would be “Burn, Break, Crash” by Aanysa and Snakehips. Aanysa has the sultry, smooth vocals that are infamous with R&B’s sound, and mixes the genre with the visual realities that Snakehips are known for summoning with their beats. Together, the two acts create a blissful, “sing-along” song that is perfect for when you are driving around with your girls.

One of the best and easiest ways to a hit is a simple, catchy hook. As Aanysa sings “You Make Me Want To Burn, Break, Crash Explode”, I can envision the amount of ladies dancing together while they drive or just hanging out at their friends’ house. It is the kind of song that can be enjoyed at the club or in a day with friends because its infectious R&B bounce and its lyrics like the one above. Back in the 90’s such analogies were common and still are truthful. When you like someone or are crushing on them with all your heart, you really do feel like you will “burn, break, crash, explode!”. The feeling is overwhelming, which makes the cool, easiness of Aanysa’s voice allow that analogy to enter you like a breeze. Add on that Snakehips knows how to bring out the sensuality of sound with scintillating rhythms, and you have a potential, chart-topping single like “Burn, Break, Crash”.  For More Information On Aanysa Click Here and For More Information On Snakehips Click Here.