Song Review: GoldLink’s “Fall In Love” Remind You How Good It Feels.

Pretty much every song is about the biggest emotion anyone will ever feel: love. I, myself, look in awe at how this sentiment can make you feel like Heaven on earth or like a warring platoon. Moreover, it has defined centuries of humanity and mythology. Cue GoldLink as an rising R&B sensation begging ladies not to “Fall In Love” with him, which, of course, they will. 

You ask someone not to do something, and it literally triggers their mind to do exactly that. Like forbidden fruit, you want a bite, especially if the the fruit denied is love.  Thus, GoldLink’s voice feels like honey being poured over a sweet, fruitycake of beats. He has the smooth seduction that is tethered to R&B’s natural sultriness. This genre is all about feeling the cool winds of passion that love can stir, but GoldLink warns the ladies not to follow the breeze however enticing. He casually sings his warning over funk, electro R&B sonics that make even the stiffest person want to bust a move. Its rhythms are possessive over listeners’ bodies as you feel forced to move to its enlivening beats. Moreover, the song and video feel like a happy throwback to the 90’s videos that glamorously showed people dancing with friends, family, and potential lovers.

Now, my readers know when I really like a piece of art/entertainment, I add a giphy to show the wordless joy it gives me and will give you. Thus, here are a few giphys that describe how GoldLink’s massively fun song, “Fall In Love”, will make you feel.

via GIPHY Like You And Your Girlfriends Are Casually, Synchronized Dancers! (and did not make a choreographed dance for the club)

via GIPHY Like Anyone That Does Not Like This Song Is Suspicious!

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