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Album Review: The Beaches Make A “Late Show” Debut!

The Beaches debut album, Late Show, feels exactly like one. You stroll onto the heavily lighted stage and make vibrant comments on society, life, and love as everyone applauds. Okay, that is a basic definition of a late show, but The Beaches certainly capture the lively vibes of this world with music that make you want to stay up because sleeping in life seems wasteful.
The Beaches – Money

The Beaches completely understand that a guitar is an adrenaline pumper; every chord might as well be an IV into your sonic veins. With that notion, their debut is 100% phenomenal. Tracks like, “Walk Like That”, “Sweet Life”, “Let Me Touch”, and “Money” speak unto the clawing cravings we have for material excess; from a lover’s body to a lot of cash. In essence, what late show is not a glorifying of fame, fortune, and fleeting tales of either. With drums rolling through like a car being driven by thieves and hooks catching attention like fish, you will find yourself “ooohing” and chorusing with these punk pop queens, especially lead singer Jordan Miller who could make a razor blade feel blunt.
The Beaches – Gold

From “Moment” to “Highway 6 or “Keeper”, Miller’s vocals feels tossed in sweet vinegar as she describes the embittering passion of wanting someone or something that might not want you back. They float and fleet over lyrics trying to decipher which word she being heightened to falsetto register or broken down to a smokier pulp. Either way, you feel captivated by this Toronto’s band’s waved punk. The Beaches truly fulfill their name; this record surfs in and across your playlist desires to give you a salt-water swim through life. For More Information On The Beaches And To Buy Late Show On October 13 Click Here.  The Beaches – Late Show