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Album Review: The Glorious Sons Show The Wonder of Being “Young Beauties And Fools”

High spirits and blue collars reign in The Glorious Sons’ Young Beauties And Fools; a rock album frolicked in guitars, sweat, and tears. I swear Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi got together to mix the final version of this record. Each track encompasses their music vibes of being young men in a humble city trying to capture bigger dreams and bigger hearts.
The Glorious Sons – Hide My Love (Single – Audio)

Sometimes, you forget how big music can sound and feel without aiming to do so. The Glorious Sons’ go for the “small-town” anthems; where being with your friends at a local, pizza shop feels like a red carpet event. “Godless, Graceless and Young”, “Everything Is Alright”, and “Josie” range between guitar-melodies that seem constructed by church organs and ones written on a snowy day in a quiet apartment. From epically holy to calmly pensive, their instrumentals are like poster-boards where they place pictured memories and positive affirmations they told themselves to either get by or make come true. “My Poor Heart”, “So Much Love To Give”, and “Thank You For Saying Goodby” grapple with the daily hope, bliss, and sadness you feel when your mind and heart go beyond the walls of your house, but are struggling not to feel confined by the relationships they call home. Such a dynamic builds a sense of nostalgia into the “rasp and ritz” vocals of Jay Emmons, who sounds like battered gold; for however much he shines, he understands what its like to have smut trying to stop you from doing so. When Emmons, Chris Koster, and Adam Paquette harmonize together that is when you really get those “Springsteen” anthems saying, “We hare going to make it through hell or high water!”
The Glorious Sons – Everything Is Alright (Single – Audio)

Young Beauties And Fools is not just an album, but also an embodiment of what we all can be or feel like. Naivety is deemed dumb and dangerous, which is why we look at youth like beautiful fools. They are dreamers who do not know that not every dream comes true, but there is glorious hope to not knowing said fact; you get music from bands like, The Glorious Sons, that place in sonic vials how wonderful it is to feel like everything can stay wonderful. For More Information on The Glorious Sons And To Buy Young Beauties And Fools On October 13 Click Here. The Glorious Sons – My Poor Heart (Single – Audio)