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Concert Review: Flint Eastwood Makes Being Awesome Look Easy At Terminal 5

Flint Eastwood is everything I love about “discovering” rising “new artists”. I use quotes because I am sure I am not the first or last to discover this magnet of energy. Moreover, I cannot say that any artist is “new” by the time they get into more people’s music sphere. It is a long, hard road to be seen in this world as a musician, but Flint Eastwood made it look so easy at Terminal 5.
Flint Eastwood – Queen (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I do not think I would have the confidence or gall to go up on a stage, like Flint Eastwood, and yell at a crowd to do as I say. Of course, it has been my dream to do so, but Eastwood has commanding presence that makes you her puppet. The crowd cheered, waved their hands, lit their phones, and sung at her demand with a willful glee. We were hers because, in essence, she was ours. There are not too many artists where you feel they have served their hearts unto a silver platter, and waltzed it over to you for consumption. Yet, part of Flint Eastwood’s draw is that she gives soooo much of herself to a show that you become eager to show her love in return. Frankly, I have never seen a merch-table line up so quickly with people wanting congratulate an artist they just met on the amazing show they just experienced 5 seconds ago. I, literally, heard two guys say, “I don’t know her, but I want to”. In that tiny quote, they summed up something I had felt in my Mercury Lounge review of Flint; you WANT to meet her. Even further, Flint Eastwood is the artist you use when you want to meet the world.
Lollapalooza RECAPALOOZA 2017

Tracks like “Queen”, “Small Victories”, and “ Rewind” should be the songs every single person plays before a job interview, a wedding proposal, or any event where they are going for the thing they most want. Flint Eastwood makes you want to strut and star in your life as if were a film worth watching rather than our usual feelings of it being a waste of “airtime”. As she moved and quaked across the stage like she were possessed by a literal, music spirit, I was enthralled. I was watching someone epitomize everything it means to be an entertainer; from anthemic vocals to stadium-rousing adrenaline. For More Information On Flint Eastwood Click Here.
Flint Eastwood – Push feat. Tunde Olaniran (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)