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Concert Review: Craig David’s TS5 Takes Over Terminal 5

When I went to see Craig David at Terminal 5, I did not expect what I got. I think I thought I was going to get a live mix-tape of his classic hits, and a few candle-light discussions on love. When you think of Craig David, you might think sweet, romantic, and even wholesome. Sure, he can be all those things, but Craig David has pumped such ideas with 30 million gallons of adrenaline and left them at a DJ Booth. YUP! Craig David Is A LIT DJ, or at least, he was when he turned the music warehouse that is Terminal 5 into a night-club.
Craig David – Heartline (Audio)

I cannot believe I was DJ’ed by Craig David. Younger me would die over her Born To Do It CD if she knew that the British R&B singer sang over a 100 Top 40 hits, at least. From 90’s Destiny Child to TLC or Drake to Kanye, David sang over so many hits with a prowess nd playfulness that made me think they were all his original productions. Of course, a few were! From his classics “7 Days” to “Rewind” new singles like “Heartline” and “For The Gram” , the intelligence of Craig David to play his own past and future hits amongst the best of mainstream music impacted me “rhetorically”. It was a wise move in reminding audience’s Craig David, by all means, is and can be a hit-maker, and furthered his desired elaboration of his talents and creativity. The man can LITERALLY rap faster than Twista or Kanye, and croon with wounded romanticism better than Drake. The brilliance of presenting himself as a DJ first that can sing allowed viewers to feel like we were meeting another, fresher Craig David. The one that followed women with lovelorn hope in the 90’s or 2000’s was gone. This was 2017 Craig David, and it would be the women chasing him. Still, he did not lose his warmth or sweetness, but you could not help but be impressed by his confidence. He smiled and dabbed, mixed and sang, and demanded the crowd danced as if Terminal 5 was open 24/7, which meant the night never had to end.
Craig David – For the Gram (Audio)

I would go to Craig David’s TS5 a thousand times. His set is filled with sing-along hits you blast on the radio amongst friends, which made him a perfect event to go with a group or even your bestie. The point is he is an act to see with someone who shares your love for all R&B and Hip Hop, and has no problem dancing and singing as if no one is looking but, actually, everyone is! He simply gives you the confidence to be like him: talented and happily carefree. For More Information On Craig David Click Here. 
Craig David – 7 Days