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TV Review: Hulu’s GameFace Will Leave You Laughing Your Face Off

On November 16, the hit E4 series, GameFace, premieres on HULU, and Roisin Conaty is ONE TO WATCH! Starring and writing the series, Roisin is like Bridget Jones and Larry David had a child, and decided to film her growing up. GameFace is cringingly awkward, quickly-witted, and full of heart.

Roisin Conaty plays Marcella; a wannabe actress who drinks way too much, is struggling to absorb her life-coaching lessons, and has a horrible ex-boyfriend whose toxicity can dampen her desire to be better. Those are, unfortunately, a few of her issues. Marcella seems to crash through life situations for someone who does not know how to drive, and she was not blessed with the gift of talking to people. It is in her unfiltered, grave-digging vernacular that hilarity ensues. From talking down a co-worker from potential suicide to sincerely believing that she could have a spiritual awakening in the woods, a la Cheryl Stayed’s Wild, Roisin Canaty plays Marcella with a roughened innocence; like a child realizing she needs to grow up. Obviously, all her situations take humorous turns, and while, initially, Conaty’s Marcella may seem brutish and bull-dozing in her demeanor, as the series progresses, you see her gentility and strength. She is an open heart that may not always be the “brightest” of minds, but her sincere desire to be better as a person makes her consistently redeemable. While in the beginning of the first episode, you might look at Marcella like, “Who is this chick?!”, by the end of it, you will be saying, “Yup, that’s me!” or “I know HER!”.

It is easy to make a “Bridget Jones” reference when watching GameFace because she is, simply, so relatable. Of course, there is the fact that she is a lonely spinster who cannot pick up the difference between those that fancy her, (Damien Molony’s noble Jon), and those that use her, (Dustin Demri-Burns as the jerky Simon). Yet, isn’t that like most of us? How many times did we swear somebody who cared for us did not, and somebody who we thought indifferent was actually emotionally invested? Watching Marcella become more aware and selective of her surroundings not only funny, but also fulfilling thanks to Conaty’s writing and Andrew Chaplin’s brisk direction. You cannot help but watch her to see yourself, for better or worse. Moreover, I laughed SO HARD at some of her situations that I am sure my private apartment turned into a public one with how many neighbors took notice. While there some great comedies out there, I feel not as many serve laugh out loud moments quite like GameFace. Conaty goes beyond chuckles to make you keel in laughter, but also connect in honesty. It is not easy to be better, but trying will always be good.  GameFace Premiers on Hulu on November 16.