2017 Artist To Watch: Ro James Will Build An R&B “El Dorado”

Energy is a big deal. When you feel like something is brewing, energy is what tells you whether that something is good or bad, big or small, or for the long haul. It is as if life gives you an internal radar, and mine is saying Ro James is on the cusp of becoming an R&B sensation. 
Burn Slow

// for a 2017 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding New Artist and a grammy for his song “Permission”, Ro is eager conquer the R&B world, and from listening to El Dorado: he can! Like the mystical town with promise of gold, the entire record, along with James, is filled with bricks of prosperity; the first one being his voice. James can silence a crying baby with his voice. This seems like a humorous gift to have, but have you ever seen a child be devastated and then, suddenly, get distracted by wonder. In some ways, that is the affect of James’s voice. While he may sing of seduction. soul-searching, and overall heartbreak, no matter what the topic, he leaves you in awe. 

Already Knew That

El Dorado has a series of inspiring hits in it. Although the record will give you the standard relationship people have with most albums, you will have your favorite tracks and your lesser ones, when Ro James gets it right, he gets it strong. The entire debut feels like an introduction to an artist’s potential, which is fantastic. Not many music debuts are phenomenal, unmatchable masterpieces. If anything, a debut can be a rough patch for artists, whom are mutually trying to figure out their sound while selling it to you. Thus, the fact that you will walk away from El Dorado eager to come back to it is a firm sign of James’s future. You will to hear again songs like, “A.D.I.D.A.S”, which literally sounds like you are taking a shower with your lover. In it, synthetic rhythms are the shower steam flowing upwards as James kisses you and talks of his desire to love you. Then, there is “Already Knew That” where the bassline pummels through the song like James’s frank confrontation to his love “You been actin like you don’t want it/ How you gonna lie to me”. It is sexy, blunt, and brusk. And, of course, there is the folksier “Everything” where guitar strings and James’s playful vocal range dance in love with “everything” of their partner. Oh, and did I mention “Permission”; it is James’s perfect vocal blend of the smooth brokenness that R&B emotionality is known for like, ripped silk. 
The world needs another R&B sensation, and Ro James has MY VOTE! He is clearly a star, and, next year, he hopes you will see that, as well. The young man is prepping for U.S. Tour. Check The Dates Below and Click Here To Learn More About Ro James.


“XIX” Headlining Tour Dates:
February 3rd           Portland, OR                       Star Theater                                                   
February 4th        Seattle, WA                        Columbia City Theater                               
February 6th        Oakland, CA                        The New Parish                                           
February 7th        Sacramento, CA                 Harlow’s                                                          
February 9th        Santa Ana, CA                     The Constellation Room @ The Observatory
February 13th      Los Angeles, CA                  The Roxy
February 14th      Detroit, MI                          Fox Theatre w/ Joe, Chrisette and Vivian Greene
February 15th      Houston, TX                        Studio @ Warehouse Live
February 16th      Dallas, TX                             South Side Music Hall
February 19th      Nashville, TN                       Basement East
February 22nd     Baton Rouge, LA                 The Varsity Theatre
February 23rd      Birmingham, AL                  Workplay Theatre
February 24th      Atlanta, GA                          Vinyl
February 25th      Raleigh, NC                          The Pour House Music Hall
February 26th      Philadelphia, PA                 The Foundry
February 28th      New York, NY                      Highline Ballroom
March 2nd            Washington, D.C.               The Howard Theatre
March 3rd            Baltimore, MD                     Soundstage
March 5th            Cambridge, MA                    The Middle East
March 7th            Toronto, ON                         Mod Club Theatre
March 8th            Cleveland, OH                      The Cambridge Room @ HOB
March 9th             Chicago, IL                                The Promontory
March 10th          Kansas City, MO                  Voodoo Lounge @ Harrah’s Casino
March 11th           Memphis, TN                          1884 Lounge