Album Review: Lewis CanCut Plans To Turn The Club Into An “Indoor Rainforest”

Lewis CanCut’s EP Indoor Rainforest is set to be released November 24, and here is why this EP is worth your time; it is basically made for the club. Digitized rhythms currently dominate the music industry, and CanCut’s EP is a full manifestation of that “virtual” reality. Yet, its uniqueness lies in its Japanese influences that transform club nightlife into a computerized rainforest. 

Imagine neon monkeys jumping from analog trees, and rare flowers sprouting pixels. Dream of a photoshopped sun that has its temperature and saturation measured by the click of your finger.  Envision rain dropping from the sky that can be stopped, rewinded, and fast-forwarded according to your remote desires. Such a manufactured world sounds oddly welcoming in the idea that you could control its fantasy more than your personal reality. This is the endearment of CanCut’s Indoor Rainforest. Its sweet, bouncing rhythms feel like you have fallen into a Super Mario’s game, in which you and your friends are Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi, The  EP’s musical game is colorful and the most vibrant, childlike display of winning you would ever want to partake in. 

In six tracks, Lewis CanCut turns even the most humdrum world into a curious, sultry look into digitized life. The subtle, tart vocals of post-human Japanese pop stars, Hatsune Miku, Tshila, and Tigarah come off like juicy raspberries topped over the rainforest fruited rhythms Cancut offers. Every listener will feel like they are dancing in a dreamier future; where humans have become humanoids in essence. This will fascinate listeners whom are in love with synthesized beats that draw out worlds hundred of years ahead of this current one: in social progress and uplift. This explains why this record uses the digitized rhythms because, often, artificial intelligence is seen as a method of  elevating human spirit. Thus, my excitement comes forward with the idea that Lewis CanCut’s Indoor Rainforest can give listeners a particular, unique nightlife experience. 

For those that complain that electronica and pop sound all the same, Indoor Rainforest adds a new sound perspective. It is eccentric, yet beautiful in its synthesized orchestration, and will make listeners feel like they are dancing at an anime club, where Manga storylines can actually occur. For More Information On Lewis Cancut, and To Buy Indoor Rainforest EP Click Here.
Track By Track Review:
Indoor Rainforest: an electronica song that makes you dream of walking through tall, red cherry blossom trees that drip over sweet beats.
Body Querty: fun, bouncing, and makes the body shake like a sonic wave. 
Dream Like (feat. Tigarah): dream pop meets electricity. This song feels like a giant scoop of strawberry ice cream. 
Icecream & Asphalt (feat. Hatsune Miku): ready-made for the club, its sporadically light arrangements and Miku’s hypnotic vocals will have you putting this song on repeat.
Like Water (feat. Toshiba)- this track is a sonic jungle, where synth-rhtyms strobe over like a light show. It is my favorite song of the EP for its subtle, Caribbean flare. 
Plastic Garden: mysterious, dark pop that makes you feel like you are walking through a garden that tussles between flowers of friends and foes.