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Artist Close-Up: Priest Makes Pop Feel Sacred

Pop is the most beloved and judged genre. It has the tendency to be celebrated for the same reason it is berated; it is happy. Pop is joyful music, for the most part, and aims to make you feel like you never had a problem in your life. (I WISH!). Yet, following this idea, Priest releases club pop that dances in such a fantasy.

I would love to say I never had a problem I could not solve, but then I will also have to say I am not a human being. Priest’s sound revels in the luxury of being human, and the idea that we can be more than just fun; we can be fabulous. In tracks like, “Our Day Will Come”, you swing from electro baselines that zip like vines from piano keys to trees. Her voice leaps forward with agility, as if her vocals can vogue, and she does what every pop queen should do: encourage.

Pop music was made to dance, be euphoric, and forget that life could be anything but fun. Similar to Robyn and even Lorde, Priest creates soundscapes that feel like electricity and water could flow together, and not clash in short circuits. Hence, I am excited for the Floridian’s music future. It is not like we will ever stop needing an excuse to dance, and Priest gives it to us. For More Information On Priest Click Here.

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