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Artists of 2018: Sam Fischer Gives Music Purpose In Not A Hobby

Berklee trained and world domination aimed, I really like Sam Fishcher. His sound pulses with R&B grooves that could revive even the deadest of nights, which is why he seems destined for radio waves. With a prolific sound that he has been honing since child, Sam Fischer shows, in his new EP, music is “Not A Hobby”, it is his purpose.

After watching August Greene, I fully understand that some people are called to music, and Sam Fischer is one of them. He is so meticulous and detailed in how he creates his music ambiance, he is more than a music developer; he is a music designer. He approaches his tracks like, “Smoke” and “Same Friends”, as if he is running a sonic,HGTV show. In Not A Hobby EP, he flips duller sounds with vibrant furniture/ rhythms, and shows you the difference between a music house and music home. While certain songs feel simply “made”, every track in Not A Hobby seems created, which is why you admire Fischer.

House or home? Made or created? These differences may not seem apparent, but they certainly are felt, especially in songs such as “Getting Older” and “This City”. Fischer is an artist that want to give you something special with his music, and transform “another moment” into a wealthier one through his sounds. The Sydney native’s talents has led him to co-write songs for co-writes with DJ Mustard, Clean Bandit, Jennifer Hudson, Sabrina Claudio and Andy Grammar. Hence, you can fully expect catchy hooks, attractive melodies, and a voice that echoes pop princes like, Justin Timberlake.

When Fischer sings, you feel welcomed. It is a good thing that Fischer writes for dreamers and lovers because his vocals are naturally affectionate. His notes leap from tracks for their caring and fond tones, which proves what we all know; tone makes a difference. How you annunciate and announce your desire emanates how much want something, and Sam Fischer wants you to love him. Trust me, you will! For More Information On Sam Fischer Click Here.

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