Artist Close-Up: Steve Kahn’s The Opera Singer Further Buzz Around The Rising Director

Starring Shannon Elizabeth, from American pie fame, Steve Kahn’s The Opera Singer is a reminder to everyone to live you best life now. As Elizabeth narrates the woe and wonder of what could have been for this elderly woman that never took her flight to Italy and tried for her dream to be an opera singer, you will certainly cry from compassion. Many whom see this poetic short, will be filled with sadness and self reflection over whether they have truly tried for their own dreams.

As Elizabeth speaks on the regrets, insecurities, and haunting dreams of this elderly woman, audiences will feel like they are confronting themselves. She like, everyone when they are young, was filled with hopes and fantasies that seemed too big for her to make real. She cites her excuses over being too poor to take that flight to Italy or not having faith in her voice or herself. Overall, she is representative of how our ambitions can leave us stunned with their magnificence and terrified buy it as well.

Now living in the geriatric center suffering from a body weakening by age, the woman’s mind travels to her youth to consistently question, “Why she did not take that flight? Why did she not believe in herself ? And could she have been the opera singer she felt destined to become? Her tale is both beautiful and melancholic yet it is a poignant lesson. Instead of asking ourselves,” Why should we? We should ask ourselves why shouldn’t we? We should always take the risk and bet that inside of us there are more riches to behold. I know that after seeing this short I walked away with a newfound cherish for my dreams and a rejuvenated sense that the time is now to make them come true. For more information on The Opera Singer and Steve Kahn Click Here.