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Artist Close-Up: When Talent Meets A Good Cause

There is nothing more gut-wrenching than being forgotten by someone you love, especially when their loss of your memory is not their choice. Alzheimers has devastated so many families by taking the core of what makes love continue: its memory. Giselle is a Cuban-American artist that on October 27, 2016 will be performing at the benefit concert Alzheimers New Jersey. 

Alzheimer’s New Jersey through her music. She will be hosting and speaking at a benefit event in Raval, Jersey City where tickets cost $25 and include a free drink ticket and a $20 donation to Alzheimer’s New Jersey. Her cause is one that is dear to the 5.1 millions families that have to watch their loved ones fade in spirit. Thus, I find it incredibly noble that Giselle uses her distinct sound to give an operatic voice to this disease. 
Giselle’s music is like a batch of rich fruits blended together for a distinguished, sweet taste. She has a little country stir with a pop-glitz and an old school R&B voice. Although she can certainly provide a ballad, her voice shines due to the brightness of her sound. She makes songs that give a positive flare to your radio and thus your day. Her Ep Change gained acclaim and following because, frankly, there is no one like Giselle in the current music scene. Therefore, if you can make it to this event, please do. It is a chance to meet a new favorite artist, and learn more about how we all can play a role in ending Alzheimers. For More Information on Giselle Click Here, and to buy tickets to Alzheimer’s New Jersey Click Here