Artist Close-Up: Xander And The Peace Pirates Bring A “Fire” For Life

Liverpool based Xander and the Peace Pirates are a musical factory pushing peace to the masses. There sound bring the rock n’ roll blues that has attracted  egends like Bon Jovi, Buddy Guy, Van Morrison, Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy) and Joe Satriani to ask them to share the stage. Combining personal nobility with genuine magnificent musical ability has allowed this band to rise in international notice. Why? Because peace is an international goal. 
I have to say, personally, that I love the positivism that Xander and The Peace Pirates produce in their music. Their newest song, Fire, is straight out of 1970’s Woodstock, and might appropriately be called flower rock. It guitar arrangements and kick-drum reminisce a time where people wore flower crowns on their head and tattooed peace signs throughout their body. Their song makes you want to close your eyes and dreams that you are with friends at this iconic music festival, and absorbing the crisp wind and fiery set of Xander and The Peace Pirates. They are so blatantly about the virtues and love for life music can give that I smile at hearing them. Yet, their inspiring rock comes, in part, because they are inspiring as well. 
Xander And The Peace Pirates are testament to how far great talent, perseverance, and good vibrations can take a pair of brothers. You see brothers Keith and Stu Xander were discovered on YouTube by Gibson Brands CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, and during their subsequent performances for the company, the band caught the attention of not just an ever-growing collective of fans. People were drawn to their old-school rock and timeless joy. They are all about boogieing to classic rock with an eternal flare for feeling good and alive. Even in their personal stories, like that of Keith Xander, they inspire everyone to have “fire” for living, like in their song, and to approach their day with a warmth and freedom one can find in a open hug.

Front-man Keith Xander is a virtuoso musician,  whom was born without a lower right arm, and has not let that hinder his playing whatsoever. His unique picking via a plectrum attached to a hook on his prostatic arm, pays testament to his stunning playing abilities. Xander’s playing shows that music is a spiritual calling that can override any material “boundaries”, which explains theme of Fire and much of their music. It is about recognizing that if you want to live your best life, the only one that can stop you is YOU! Hence, I treasure the amount of calm and love they have interwoven in their rhythms because not many artists can make you hear peace in their sound. For more information on Xander And The Pirates or to buy ‘their debut album 11:11’, to be released on November 11th Click Here.