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Concert Review: Flint Eastwood Moves Up At Mercury Lounge

Many times, in life, rewards do not come in the form of money. Instead, they come through moves and revealed motivations. Although the crowd had paid to see Flint Eastwood, this time, she had attracted an audience that was moved by her, and wanted to share in her music that aims to empower. In her last Mercury Lounge show, she was introducing herself and her songs. No one knew the words, and I could not say that the house was as packed as it was now. Yet. what a difference a year makes!
Flint Eastwood – Queen (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

As the crowd sang her lyrics to songs such as, “Monster”, “Oblivious”, and “Rewind”, I felt like I should have written a track for her called “Victory”. Her songs are dedicated to finding strength through life’s randomness, and gaining confidence even during failures. As I looked to the crowd, it felt like the message had been received and absorbed. Everyone sang her words, as if she had written them with their stories. Even new tracks like,”Sober”, by the end were memorized and repeated by the crowd. Many, having seen her before, were ready to participate screaming when she said, dancing when she wanted, and giving into her presence every time.
Flint Eastwood – Monster (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Flint Eastwood is a commanding star. Funny, bright, strong, and charming; she represents everything we wish to represent in ourselves, but, unfortunately, shut out for fear that we might be too weird or “outshine” others. Yet, Flint Eastwood outshines all with her eccentric energy and infectious hooks. She reminds me of Cyndi Lauper in that she is POWERFUL voice, whose range may not be as lauded as her outlandish style. Yet, as Flint sang, I was shocked by how durable and controlled she has her vocal register. She was scaling notes with an ease that might go unnoticed because you are so enamored with her ferocity and personality. Thus, I guess you have to see her a few times to pick up how vastly talented she is, but, trust me, no matter how many times you see her, you never grow bored. For More Information On Flint Eastwood Click Here.

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