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Concert Review: Anna Meredith Brings Another World To LPR

When Anna Meredith ran out in Le Poisson Rouge with a silver cape, I knew I would love her. I am ALL about looking like a cosmic superhero. If I could go to the supermarket looking like Supergirl, I would, which is why I found Anna Meredith so appealing. She constructs music that is for the person who wants to make their simple lives feel phenomenal.

With a galaxy of images behind her, Anna Meredith’s songs sounded like classic music from Valerian: The City of A Thousand Planets. A screen of figures transformed into other figures or separated and re-pieced themselves beneath a plethora of stars, which matched Meredith’s arrangements perfectly. She organizes her sounds like they were pieces in a game of jenga; she removes one to put it back on top and then removes another one to do the same. All of this, with the mission to make sure her music topples over any mind barriers you might have brought to her show. Even her vocals are used as just another sound-piece meant to blend with her futuristic orchestra.
ANNA MEREDITH – Taken (Official Video)

For Anna, nothing should outweigh her instrumentals. Her voice is soft and fluid; meant more to be a notch amongst the many volumes of sound. Baselines feel like planets exploding, synths shoot like spaceships on hyper-drive, and chords twinkle like stars.With her band dressed in silver, alien-like attire, you could definitely see them jamming in another world, which meant they has turned LPR into their dimension. People looked at each other saying things like, “Wow!” and “This is INSANE!”. Sure, these may seem like basic quotes, but they were also achievements for Ms. Meredith. She had turned another night in New York into a space odyssey that made her crowd feel like her heroic cadets.

Although she is friendly and has a charming, self-deprecating humor, when Anna Meredith is in her music zone: WATCH OUT! She is as focused at a Star Trek captain aimed to take out stressful villains, and free you from thinking. For one night, all you have to do is let her music over-power and guide your imagination like a psychotropic; any emotion or vision you gain is colorfully imagined. For More Information On Anna Meredith Click Here.
ANNA MEREDITH – The Vapours (Official Video)

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