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Concert Review: Halfnoise Shows A Good Crowd Equals A Great Show

If Wes Anderson and Stan Lee created a music artist, I am CONVINCED it would be Halfnoise. There is something incredibly Life Aquatic/ Moonrise Kingdom to his vibe that goes beyond the red-skipper hat he dons, but there is also something inherently vibrant/ heroic to his sound. It is as if you are a Royal Tenebaum grabbing a cape and calling yourself superhero for a day, to which I say, “Why not?”.

The appeal of Halfnoise, u.e. Zac Farro, is that he emanates the coolness of the artsy outcast. As he played through tracks from his EP “The Velvet Face” and introduced new tracks you got the feeling that he would love if you like his music, but also if you don’t…. that is cool. He was the perfect blend of confident enough to not give a damn, but intelligent and creative enough to make work that makes you say, “Damn!”.  Although he cherishes his crowd, you got the feeling his motto is; “if you love your work then they will love it, too!”. Hence, each song was presented with a love that made the crowd jump and jive as he whistled through songs like he was strolling through Central Park. From “Scooby’s In The Back” to “Someday”, his voice had a lightness to it that made you attentive. At times, we think “big voice” is what most grabs us, but a simple, wistful voice can have an equal effect; the point is that you foster your difference to exceptionalism, and Halfnoise has! While many artists say they are alternative pop-rock, you can hear each of these genres meet at a crossroads through Halfnoise’s melodies, and simply decide to build a new road, which is the essence of “indie”. The exhilaration of his up-tempo melodies combined with his aura of “distinction” is what gave me those Wes Anderson/ Superhero vibes; he can colorfully paint and save the world, at once.

Halfnoise truly feels like a distinct artist amongst the many that cross the Brooklyn/ Baby’s All Right circuit. For starters, he is a blast. He attracted a crowd that matched his aura of smart misfit/ eccentric. As the concert continued forward and people jumped on stage to dance/jam, his show felt refreshingly young because it felt refreshingly alive. The audience was as much apart of the show as Halfnoise, which goes to show what many musicians hint at, a good crowd really does make a show. For More Information On Halfnoise Click Here.