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Concert Review: Jen Cloher Is A Strong Woman At Rough Trade NYC

Jen Cloher showed a Rough Trade NYC crowd how a wild heart grows tough skin. Her badass, “rock n’ roll chick” vibes amplify any crowd’s attraction to her. She appears so confident and wryly glamorous, but her songs are about being anything but those things. Hence, your attraction stems from how she manages vulnerability with sophistication.

Cloher seems resilient as she sings to surrendering to others’ expectations of her. To Cloher, perceptions come from desire, of which, in relationships, we learn to accept that we can only satisfy people’s needs, but their wants are their choice. If someone wants you to be their happiness, then they choose to accept how you give it to them. In essence, you do not change who you are for the ones you love as much as you stand by them while they grow how they see you in love. It is a highly nuanced, impactful message that she stripes through songs, “Sensory Memory”, “Mount Beauty”, and “Great Australian Bite” like, they are flags a strength. After all, she is a self-proclaimed, “Strong Woman”.
Needle in the Hay – Jen Cloher

There is no doubt that Cloher is filled with mindfulness and esteem. She bashfully smiles, winks at the crowd, and bites her lyrics with emotions that range from riotous to regal. She is a natural leader, which is why your ears perk at her verses that describe how she became one; the more you own who you are, the more genuinely you accept and give love. Thus, the crowd would cheer as she sang to getting a wife or finding a loving partner, and submitting to life’s offers with them rather than trying to control. In essence, her concert is like watching a woman free herself from confining concepts through the liberating chords. She plucks her guitar like, she is picking for apples to make sweet, sonic juice, and you marvel as she does it with a balance of voracity and gentility.
Jen Cloher – Mount Beauty – Official Video

Cloher never backs downs from an opportunity to riff her guitar, and fortify a soundscape that can hold her emotional tears. She helps you the most confident thing we can do is say we are vulnerable. As scrapes and smokes her voice to embody the life hits she receives ing songs such as “Stone Age Brain” and “Forgot Myself”, you begin to absorb such an idea, and the opportunity to be a strong woman like, Jen Cloher. For More Information On Jen Cloher Click Here.
Jen Cloher – Forgot Myself

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