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TV Review: Another Period Shows Time Does Not Change Much For Women

I LOVE Another Period. It is crass, gross, and completely inappropriate. It is unabashed in its outlandishness, and it seems perfect to take on topics like, feminism, women’s rights, and equality. Sure, the premise is in another period, but the show rises in revealing people do not change.

As the season continues, the Bellacourt sisters continue in being oblivious and even cruel to others’s desires. This pair is all about attention, but their attempt to take over the Women’s Movement is pure, comedic gold. It is like watching Kim Kardashian organize a dinner with feminists Gloria Steinmen, Virginia Woolf, Bell Hooks, and Roxanne Gay to explain why she does not agree with their movement, but believes her nude photos help it (lol!). And maybe they do? Who knows? The point is like, The Bellacourt sisters, there are women who are selective in when they choose their womanhood according to when it will make them look good. Yet, the whole point of Another Period is to show vanity and virtue are truly not the same.

I always say it; there is a difference between looking good and being good. You certainly feel that difference as Another Period’s season continues, but, of the many shows trying throw their opinions and jokes on the rising power/ empowerment of women, Another Period does have nuanced commentary. How women treat other women is the Achilles heel of the feminist movement. It seems ladies are divided between how well they want to look to men, and how good they want to be to themselves and other women. You would think women gaining equal rights and respect would help all women, but what helps you is defined by how you see yourself? Take Lilian Bellacourt, she truly does not give a s**t about women’s rights, but never fails to join the cause, especially if it includes a photo-op or a chance for gold.

The question is “Do bad motives deplete the goodness of actions?”. If you join the Women’s March for an Instagram opportunity, does that lessen your act of joining? If you write a #MeToo piece to be glorified as a writer more than become an actual voice against the sexual assault/ abuse of women, do you diminish the movement? Do you add? Frankly, I cannot say I have an right answer. As Another Period shows, it does feel murky to have people fight for a cause because it is more their fad than their moral. Yet, the whole point of a movement is that it unites people of all walks of life. There are many women in this world, from Kardashians to Steinems, and though they may not think or feel like each other, they can always stand with one another. Another Period Is On Wednesdays At 10:30 on Comedy Central.

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