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Concert Review: Soren Bryce Is Everyone At Elsewhere

I have had the pleasure to see Soren Bryce before, but then I had the added one of interviewing her. It is in inevitable that learning about a person changes how you see them or, at least, makes you aware of things that they are trying to become aware of, as well. For Soren, bridging the need for hope with the right to be cynical has become a music quest in her performance.
Soren Bryce – Cellophane (Official Music Video)

At her first show, I called Soren Bryce the Millennial Morissette; picking up the moodiness and the mystical line between love and paranoia. I was certainly NOT off the marker in my description, and for her show at Elsewhere, I witnessed the brilliance that she so avidly places in her music and image. She will huddle on the floor, crawling and creeping her notes as if Love has locked her out of her home again, which builds a physical commonality between her and the crowd. Who has not met the linoleum of their bathroom floor in gutted tears? Yet, she also glares forward at the crowd while striking keys like her fingers were made of their own minds, so she can think through on how to regain her inner strength.

I admired and noted furthered how much Soren uses her body to, in essence, radiate the lines between depression and divinity. When I say divinity, I am not talking about God as much having an empowered self-image, of which depression causes you to not see that. Soren’s voice, like last time, felt like a weighty mist trying to get through the darkness interrupted by dancing lights and frenetic images. Her set only became more of a symbol/ added message to her music; in the same way this world make you, it can also block you. “Cellophane”, “Methane”, “Ponce De León”, and “Sleep Alone” were amongst the many tracks that made Soren feel like a flame to attract all those that have felt like a weird moth.

From her songs to style/ presence, there is no denying that Soren feels like she is an eccentric, but she also knows she is creative and can be coolly inspiring. She carries her lyrics and quips like someone trying to own that being different might the luckiest things you will ever be. Lorde, Alice Merton, and now Au/Ra, I have witnessed that those who sing for the outcast, usually, attract the masses. After all, history’s greatest heroes, usually, had the most adversity. Emotional honesty is not simply a brave choice, but a smart one that turns how you feel inside and out, into hit records.

Maybe, it was the interview or because time never fails in making an artist better, but I felt magnetism from Soren’s performance. It was as if, more than ever, I knew I was seeing a star. She had the crowd in Elsewhere because they felt they had her, and THAT is the key to rising in music, business, and overall attention. We look for our kindred spirits when we look for artists, and Soren Bryce has a lot of kin, which includes Macklemore from which she had been chosen to open for them at MSG next Wednesday. For More Information On Soren Bryce Click Here.

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