Song Review: Banks Is Far From A “Trainwreck” In New Song

Banks has long been hailed as a creative genius; distinguishing her pop sound through gothic sonics, strong fashions, and a lyrical honestly that pierces through her synthetic instrumentals. Her newest song “Trainwreck” is dark pop galore with sounds that mash in mystery and messiness. Love can get messy and make you do crazy things, but Banks is an artist who never fails to approach herself when approaching others. 

If you have seen Banks’ Noisey interview, you will know that she is very self-reflective, which can be heard in her lyrics. The crumbling and re-building of one’s self-image is an important topic/ cycle she brings up in various songs. In “Trainwreck” her starting of a relationship in playfulness turns into no fun, when her once partner cannot handle her faded attention and becomes a “trainwreck”. The song is lyrically refreshing and common amongst women, whom can attest to the few men that did not take rejection well or lightly. As a human being you do not have to like everyone, but, sometimes, as women, not liking a guy back can be received by him as an anomaly. Banks shows the confusion of love’s dismissal through an amazing bassline and heavy rhythms that make you feel like an assassin; killing hearts with amazing precision. Yet, Banks takes it a little deeper than just a song about rejecting a lover, and turns into a reflective track of her own, dwindled need to save him. We all have felt the need to save someone whom did not ask for salvation, and may not have needed it until our consistent coddling of their being and then the loss of such “over-care” left them in shambles. Banks’ eagerness to help and their boredom with her lover’s self-destruction is another common, topical relationship woe that only her nuanced, graphical style could approach.

Banks has a voice made for self-analysis with a natural curiosity that pushes listeners’ to hear her words/ story. Again, I love Banks because she, lyrically, never takes herself or her power out of her decisions and situations/ relationships. She owns her flaws and her glories, of which such vocal and personal confidence makes her beats boom in bounce. She truly has a sound that is distinctly hers by creating arrangements that make her music like a symphonic machine orchestrating instrumentals to counter her unplanned, but very real heartaches. In addition, her videos always aim to be visually poignant, to which “Trainwreck” comes off like a Hitchcock masterpiece of horror and fleshy character development. For More Information On Banks Click Here. 

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