Song Review: Eugene Twist Aims To A “Stuntman”

With a lyrical arena that boasts whistleblowers, extraterrestrials, and self-consuming psychonauts, Scotland’s Eugene Twist is not your everyday songwriter. After two years in the musical wilderness, his second album ‘The Stuntman’ has arrived on the back of one mission: to let the storyteller run riot inside the song. Taking time to build a makeshift studio and learning how to record and mix allowed Eugene time to breathe with his arrangements. The result is his newest single “Stuntman”.

I always enjoy artists that want to challenge listeners imagination. “Stuntman” s a lyrical dare by Mr. Twist to follow him to the many worlds his mind can muster. Trust me, when I say, you can follow but never copy his creativity. Sonically, “Stuntman” feels like folk-pop drove a spaceship and landed in the punk-rock planet called “Eugenars” (my punny meshing of Eugene And Mars). Anyway, the point is that Twist scopes through genres like a mathematician; finding the numerical chords he needs to create a brilliant theorem. Vocally, he is a smooth genius; subtly playing with his annotations to attract and distract listeners with the wonders of his words. For me, “Stuntman” and Eugene Twist excel in artistry, but not everyone will flock to see Twist’s “stunts”, which makes me like him more.

I always enjoy when artists do not aim to please everyone.  I was raised with the mindset that to “please” everyone is to please no one, especially yourself. While every musician wants to be liked and loved, you can always tell the artist by how he makes his or her self-love the top priority. If you do not love your work then it becomes an effort, but Eugene Twist’s love of the experimental opportunity music gives him transforms his work into a dare to listeners. He is challenging you in a child-like playfulness to not only love his sound but relish his vision. For More Information On Eugene Twist Click Here