Artist Close-Up: We Are Z Are Punk-Funk Fabulous!

INTRODUCING We-Are-Z a four-part French, one-part Anglo-Italian avant-garde rock group presenting themselves as the perfect post-Brexit act! These rebel rockers prove the greatness that comes with a mishmash of personalities, cultural signposts, and musical tastes uniting to create music genius. These musician are careful in how they coordinate their sonic chaos striking a balance between sentimental clashing and mass appeal. They writhe in building rhythmic and emotional tension, but are too good to be denied by anyone.


Inspired by James Brown and Talking Heads, We Are Z clearly has vast tastes, but there is something in common between these two music influences: they were vivid, combustible, and thrillingly illicit in energy. Their favorite music acts are proof that We Are Z are not “typical” or trying to be another band. They want to be vivacious, rambunctious, and shocking to all sensibilities. They want to be legends. If there are those that say music has lost it edge, this band gives an instrumental flair-up to your “edgy” dreams. Gabby, the vocal wizard behind the lyrical magic tells unconventional tales of modern day intrigue.  The man with the hands – the bassist and keys master – Archie, is a seasoned session musician and producer, and has collaborated with  Beyonce and Pharrell Williams. With Max on the strings, Guillaume on the drums, and Clement on the keys, We Are Z finish off this multi-cultural, multi-talented facet to the become the punk-funk face of the music industry.


Currently at work on their debut album, provisionally titled Z Is Not X, We-Are-Z are about to release their new single, Goldigaz, a song about the corrupting influence of money. This band lyrically and sonically thrives in a “virtual city feel” that confronts the deception and insecurities that can come with societal life. Aided by the visual allure of their energetic videos and presence, We Are Z draws on storylines that reflect the contemporary quirks and exquisiteness of being a living human being.

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