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Artist Close-Up: Milky Chance Prove Why You Need To Go To School

Milky Chance’s new hit Cocoon, has me wrapped up in its simple but bouncing melody. Yet, it is their story that really moves me, and makes me want to further tell every child “GO TO SCHOOL”.  Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Bausch met in the 11th  grade during an “Advanced Music Course”, showing that the only thing better than one child prodigy is two. Setting together their fun, intelligent, and artful personalities down a life-long friendship into musicianship. After their acclaimed first album SadNecessary, flashed a spotlight in their hit-making capacities/ smooth music sensibilities, Milky Chance feared hitting a creative snag, i.e Cocoon. 
Every musician stries for success with the idea that once “successful” all problems will be gone. Absolutely, every human being falls for this “mentality” trap, as even I am guilty of placing my heart on a “good goal” believing it will make all issues go away. Yet, for every potential glory comes a potential woe, which is why Milky Chance were determined to stay grounded after the runaway success of their first album, SadNecessary. As the single’s name and sound implies, Cocoon is a “double meaning” for how confined and safe we can feel in the spaces we build for ourselves. There is a serenity that can be achieved through restraint and reflection, as seen in the calmingly strummed guitar melodyof the track, along with Clemens’ own peaceful vocals. For Clemens a cocoon is  “trying to find a place where you can be yourself and not be distracted; to slow down and reflect on yourself.” For More Information On Milky Chance Click Here.