Concert Review: Noga Erez Is Ready For Arenas At “Elvis Guesthouse”

Noga Erez played her first show ever in New York City. The Isreali star is readying for a complete, international takeover, and I see success in planned conquest. As she played the small, cool lounge of Elvis Guesthouse, visions of bigger and brighter stages were summoned.

I always say that it is a good sign that if, when you perform, you leave the audience with a feeling that you can go to bigger places. The casualness of Elvis Guesthouse provided a brilliant contrast to Noga Erez high-quality beats and performance. The singer is accompanied by her producer, Ori Rousso: a beat-maker that gyrates to his machinated rhythms as if he, himself, is a machine. You can see his mental wheels churning energized creativity to match the sporadic radiance of Noga Erez. From her moves to her voice, she embodies a a super-star quality that cannot be matched because it is strictly hers. 
Noga Erez has no problem contorting her voice and body to represent the synth waves of Rousso’s manufacturing. While she plays the keys, you can see the fire within her, eager to step aside from her chords, and let the rhythms physically possess her. She has the magical movements of someone whom is not choreographed, but still manages to capture beats with the natural presence of her body. While her voice is smokey, it can hit a high note that rivals an opera singer. Her range, along with her creativity, reminded me of, my personal favorite, SIA, whose music is known for its mutual ability to make you dance and feel vulnerable. It is that match that makes SIA, and Noga Erez, so radio-friendly.
While many can complain that radio mainstream lacks depth, SIA has come out at as a  raw vocalist and lyricist, to which Noga Erez can do the same. Her songs are unbelievably “dance-worthy”. With heavy basslines and digitized beats, she matches well with the Millennial sphere of electric music. Our generation likes technology both socially and sonically, yet that does not mean we do not want spiritual depth. Often, it can be misinterpreted that our attraction to technology, even in music, is a desire to or a warranted replacement of emotionality. Yet, connecting through invisible synth-waves is still a form of communication/ connection. Noga Erez understands that which is why she uses her voice and body to assure that her lyrics, even if simple, are attached to human wants and needs. No amount of computerized rhythms take away the beauty and fun of feeling alive in sound. Thus, Noga Erez is an artist that makes you feel ALIVE!.
It was amazing to see Noga Erez, and feel as if this level of enlivening over an audience will take her to far heights. I can see her not only opening for SIA, but, eventually, reach an equal level of international fame and power that attracts listeners whom enjoy her capacity to move them inside and out. Nora Erez may seduce with her the heaviness of her beats and voice, but she captivates with the lightness or her being and its effects on yours. For More Information On Noga Erez Click Here.