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Diandra Reviews The Top 12 Artists To Have Watched In 2017 – (Part 2)

I could not contain myself again. I had to another recap of some of my fave new artists that had a really great, well-deserved 2017. It is hard to boil down to a few, but these are some of the names you should have heard. 

  1. Romes – Click Here For The Original Review

These guys are stars, and they know it. From their self-titled debut to their filled concerts, they use music to shine. It is a brilliant move because we should all have something we invest in that, in turn, makes us invest in ourselves. 

2. Marika Hackman – Click Here For The Original Review

Marika Hackman’s album, I’m Not Your Man, was one of the best of the year. An album that explores femininity, sexuality, and, altogether, self-esteem, this songstress serves something more than “realness”; she gives rawness. 

3. LANY – Click Here For Original Review

I have seen LANY three times, and they have become one of my FAVE shows because of their fans. Talk about a group that is LOVED! Like Chase Atlantic or The 1975, this group is adored by their fans, of which they feed off that love like its the bread of life. The ambiance of their shows is electric. 

4. Dream Wife – Click Here For The Original Review

Similar to Wolf Alice, the lead of this group, also named Alice, is a fierce femme. She tears the stage asking for the “Bad Bitches!” of the world to unite and come forward, and you know what…. you do! 

5. Porter Ray- Click Here For The Original Review

From a carnivorous energy stage to an ebb and flow vocality that makes him go from R&B choruses to spitting verses like psalms, you have to admire the supernova that is Porter Ray. Like Phora, I am watching this insightful rapper. 

6. Morgxn – Click Here For The Original Review

There are 4 L’s that define Life: loss, love, lust, and loneliness. This man hits every marker with a colorfulness and a wide, vocal range. It is has been amazing to see him grow only more powerful and confident as a showman. #lookoutadele 

7. Amy Shark – Click Here For The Original Review

Millennial life is full of struggles, and Amy Shark is using her guitar and voice to alleviate that. From the revolving door that is our love lives to the numerous dreams we can run through in a week, Shark shows that this generation is thoughtful, ambitious, and, when we want to be, optimistic. 

8. Nai Palm – Click Here For The Original Review

R&B and futurism do not meet as often as they should because if there is one thing we need to feel about the future is that it has a SOUL. Thus, you should have met Nai Palm; a songstress that could avoid a feel even if she tried. And why should she? 

9. Astrid S- Click Here For The Original Review

A soft-spoken singer with a big heart, her music is fun and incredibly noble. To see her show and hear her electro-pop is to witness the journey of a good, young woman trying to figure out…. Where are the good, young men? 

10. Alice Merton – Click Here For The Original Review 

Perseverance is one of the hardest things to keep. Sure, you can be resilient through a few “No’s”, but hit that million mark, and you start to feel like a giant, rejection with legs. In this life, you will hear many “nays” more then “yays”, and Alice Merton knows and sings to this truth. For her, to say “yes” to yourself is necessary to say “yes” to inner strength. 

10. Noga Erez- Click Here For The Original Review

This songstress is  electric eccentricity. She aims to make music “outside the box”, but still manages to vocally gift-wrap her electro pop-art so that you make sure to frame her songs in your mind’s walls. 

12. The Marías – Click Here For Original Review 

Recently making their NYC debut, their dream-pop is LITERALLY a dream. It is hard not to feel like you have entered a fantasy realm of love and lust when you see their show or hear their songs. If 2017 was good year for them, 2018 has to be GREAT! 




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